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Thousands of accidents of all types occur throughout the Golden State each and every day: car accidents, slips and trips, dangerous products, construction site and workplace accidents, and more bring chaos and uncertainty to the lives of Californians without warning and without mercy. An accident not only throws your physical health into danger, but can also endanger your financial health and legal rights if you are not careful.

Californians injured in accidents should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced accident attorney like Papian & Adamian as soon as possible. You may be entitled to receive financial compensation if your injuries came about because someone else acted negligently or carelessly.

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What Happens After an Injury Accident in California?

The days and weeks after a serious injury accident are filled with hospital stays or doctors’ visits as you and your health team work together to achieve the greatest possible recovery. The road to regaining your mobility and independence may be long and may require months or years before you reach your goal. But what about other aspects of your life? What about the hospital invoices and medical costs that you will soon be billed for? What about the income you were not able to earn because you could not return to work? What about the emotional pain or mental trauma that comes from being suddenly and needlessly hurt?

Papian & Adamian recognizes the needs that injury victims have as they march along their path to recovery. We want to support those efforts by helping injury victims assert their legal right to recover compensation and damages from those who needlessly act in ways that cause harm to others. Through a California personal injury lawsuit, we can help you receive a financial judgment to help you address your:

  • Bills from hospitals, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, home healthcare agencies, and more;
  • Losses in income due to not being able to work;
  • Costs of counseling and therapy, if such services are necessary to your recovery and to regaining your independence;
  • Expenses in purchasing assistive devices like wheelchairs, modifying your home to make it more accessible (by adding a wheelchair ramp, for example), and/or vehicles and accessories to assist in transportation;
  • Harm and “costs” of experiencing pain and anguish as well as the mental and emotional toll that injuries can cause.

How Long Will I Wait Before Receiving Compensation?

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how long a case will take. Factors such as the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the at-fault party to reach a resolution will play a role in determining the length of your case. Papian & Adamian know that California accident victims want their cases resolved – now! – and works tirelessly toward the goal of getting our clients the financial recovery they need as soon as is possible.

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