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Bankruptcy attorney glendale

Papian & Adamian can help individuals and business owners determine if filing for bankruptcy is right for them. Our lawyers can help you before, during and after filing. We will explain your options and the potential consequences of filing for bankruptcy to better prepare you for the process.

This may allow you to find debt relief and solutions that are straight-forward and will put you on the path to financial security. We are committed to responsiveness and open communication with our clients. 

While bankruptcy is one way to reduce piling debt from credit cards, medical expenses or unsecured loans, it does not erase child and spousal support. We plan to protect you and your loved ones along with your possessions – whether it is your car or home.

Our bankruptcy services include, but are not limited to: Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Debt Settlement, IRS Tax Resolution, stopping foreclosure, wage garnishment, collection calls and vehicle repossession.

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