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Slip and fall accidents can leave a person with debilitating and disabling injuries. Slip and fall accidents can be especially devastating to older Californians: falls are one of the leading causes of accidental death in older Americans, according the National Council on Aging ( Many slip and fall accidents, though, are entirely preventable. Property owners and homeowners who pay attention to their buildings and homes and who take even modest precautions can avert many of these senseless injury accidents.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

When a person slips and falls – whether at the grocery store, on a morning hike or jog, or even at the home of a friend – the culprit for the slip and fall is usually:

  • A foreign substance such as water, ice, oil, or something else that has spilled onto the floor;
  • Poorly maintained walkways – sidewalks that are cracked and uneven or stairways that are poorly lit and unstable;
  • An object such as a toy, a broom or other cleaning instrument, or something similar that is lying on the ground.Preventing these slip and fall accidents is as simple as the property owner taking note of these and other dangerous conditions and then either picking them up or providing others with some warning about the situation. This is why the law in California makes negligent property owners who leave slip and fall hazards unaddressed responsible for the financial costs of these injuries, and Papian & Adamian is committed to holding these negligent property owners accountable.

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