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Victims of dog bites in California and throughout the nation can attest: a dog bite is no small matter. There is no shortage of news stories describing incidents where dogs have attacked and killed their owners or others, but even when a dog attack does not result in death, the victim can be left with painful and permanent injuries. Deep puncture wounds, cuts, infections, and permanent scarring are just a few of the consequences that can befall a dog bite victim.

Dog Owners Do Not Get “One Free Bite”

Some states do not allow dog bite victims to pursue a case against a vicious dog’s owner unless the dog has attacked someone before. This is sometimes referred to as a “one free bite” law. California, though, is not one of these states: even if a dog has not bitten or attacked anyone previously, a dog bite victim can file a case against the dog’s owner(s) and recover compensation for his or her injuries.

This means that even if a dog’s owner tells you that the dog is peaceful and happy, or even if the dog was behind a fence but escaped or tethered but broke free, the owner is still responsible for the injuries the dog causes. What is more, because California is a strict liability state, the dog bite injury victim need not establish that the dog owner acted recklessly or even carelessly – something that distinguishes the dog bite case from the traditional personal injury accident case or car accident case in California.

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