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Do you dream of starting and owning your own business? Numerous Californians do, and these dreams and aspirations are made easier with the help of a Glendale business formation attorney. Starting your business out on a legally-sound footing helps ensure that your business will be able to weather the storms and trials that assail every business. A hastily-formed business may lack a clear plan that describes who is to control the business in the event of your death. Choosing the wrong type of business to start can expose your personal property and possessions to potential risk if your business fails or your business defaults on its obligations.

Things to Consider in Forming a California Business

Fortunately, some of the more serious risks associated with starting a new business can be mitigated by taking your time in forming your business and speaking with an attorney about:

  • Ease of formation: There are some business entities that are easy to form and others that require more preparation and paperwork. Talk to your lawyer about what entity is right for you if you are concerned about getting up and running quickly;


  • Personal liability: Simple business entities usually come with a price: your home, your assets, and your personal possessions may all be able to be used to satisfy your business’s debts and obligations, depending on the form of business chosen;


  • Duration: Going into business just for yourself may require one type of business entity while another type may be required if you are wanting to build a company that will continue even after you retire or pass away.


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Choosing a Business Entity in California

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